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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Ready for a China Tea Adventure

China Tea Harvest Trip 

Yeah! 4.5 hours away, I will leave to the airport, fly back to China for an exciting tea trip.
A friend of mine who is 6th Generation of making Phoenix Dancong lives on the top of tea mountain invited me to stay with him. Seriously, I really can not wait for that. I have been dreaming that moment for so many years. In addition, my tea professor, who is well known tea master in Dark teas and number 1 Hunan Dark tea master, arranged to visit some great Hunan dark tea plantations, tea factories and meeting tea masters and tea farmers. I am so lucky to have these precious connections.
I am going to be so drunk with the fragrance, flavor and spirit of tea everyday for 20 days.
Meanwhile, enjoy your tea, I will share my tea trip with you here.

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