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Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Way of Serving

A Short Demonstration of Serving Tea

Serving tea is worship for the value of our precious presence. It is a way of giving with full respect, discipline and inner peace.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Great Tea Time in China!

10 years old aged raw puer from 1100-1200 years old wild ancient arbor tea tree.

The package of the 10 years old aged raw puer from 1100-1200 years old wild ancient arbor tea tree - - Rui Gong Tian Chao

The liquor of the 10 years old aged raw puer from 1100-1200 years old wild ancient arbor tea tree

On this trip, I am so lucky to be introduced to Mr. Xiao who owns a wild ancient arbor tea plantation in Yunan. Today, He shared three kinds of tea with me.

We started with 2003 Menghai cooked puer; followed by 2012 sun-dried loose wild raw puer tea. And the last one was a 10 years old aged raw puer from 1100-1200 years old ancient arbor tea tree.

Mr. Xiao used 3 grants of 10 years old aged raw puer, and cooked it. The energy and complexity of the first infusion of tea was super powerful. The Tea Qi started from my forehead, traveled to my eyes, shoulder, hands, upper back. It makes my month water for about half hour. Second infusion was very smooth, gentle and very sweet clean long aftertaste. Third infusion was delicate, more gentle and refreshing.

After that I was so satisfied and stoned!! It was the most impressive tea I have had on this trip so far!

And I am invited to share his only one 1970s Puer and only one 1970s Hunan Dark Tea (Fuzhuan) tomorrow morning. I am not going to sleep. Just can not wait for that!

2012 Loose Raw Puer from 2012 Wild Ancient Arbor Tree

Two Tea Buds were picked from 2700 Years Old Wild Ancient Arbor tree (The oldest tea tree in the world)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Ready for a China Tea Adventure

China Tea Harvest Trip 

Yeah! 4.5 hours away, I will leave to the airport, fly back to China for an exciting tea trip.
A friend of mine who is 6th Generation of making Phoenix Dancong lives on the top of tea mountain invited me to stay with him. Seriously, I really can not wait for that. I have been dreaming that moment for so many years. In addition, my tea professor, who is well known tea master in Dark teas and number 1 Hunan Dark tea master, arranged to visit some great Hunan dark tea plantations, tea factories and meeting tea masters and tea farmers. I am so lucky to have these precious connections.
I am going to be so drunk with the fragrance, flavor and spirit of tea everyday for 20 days.
Meanwhile, enjoy your tea, I will share my tea trip with you here.

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