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Sunday, July 15, 2012

2nd Tea Ceremony at Guitian's Tea Club

We broke the ice by broke the table. It was my fault, and it meant to be. That's why we connected each other quickly and we lasted our ceremony until 12:30am. 

We tried 4 kinds of tea plus White cockscomb. We shared the tea poems and discussed them, we talked about the water, the steeping, the beauty, the way of drinking, the tips of choosing a good tea and eating cherries, egg cakes, cookies, France's Chocolate. And more... I know it is kind of boring to list it all. 
However, I gotta some nice photos to share. Enjoy them! And I will specifically address how water effects the taste of tea in a separate post.

At last, special thanks to Mani, Niilartey and Stephen.
With the wonderful friendly tea savors and gentle music, I was enjoy making tea.

 I was trying to use the tall porcelain pitcher, but I noticed that the pitcher got a smell of the cabinet. Sorry, guys, this was only one time use although it is pretty and holds the aroma for a long time.

We got a professional artistic and fashion designer to film our enjoyment. It will posted soon.

We were having a Puer with the first mushroom sharped clay teapot I connected. The guests complimented that it was so cute and in fact that's why I bought it. The chubby body of the teapot is good for puer tea to expend the flavor and the thickness of the wall is great to hold the heat.

The value of tea brought an awesome group of people at the ceremony:

 The respect of tea, the sincere to the people, enviroment and ritual directly from her eyes. Thanks again!

He sipped the tea though his taste buds, extended it to his mind and took it to his heart!

The attention to the tea doubled the pleasure of the tea!

 The elegance of drinking is fully displayed!

The delightful spirit of her delighted the ceremony. 

 Calmness and mindfulness of him is the purpose of savoring tea.

He was amazing! I was so impressed by his knowledge of all the fine things: wine, cooking, coffee, chocolate, tea and the life. Thank you for your generous sharing, it created great conversations!

The understanding of the Chinese culture (specially like the way he tapped his legs to say thank) and tea (Thank you for cleaning your nose first, took a deep sniff and second sniff to immerse into the aroma of the tea) from him gave me a lot of pleasure and appreciation.

Beauty, health and peace in each cup. When I see how people enjoy their tea, how beautiful the tea itself is, I feel the life is meaning and I wish I were the tea and tea were me.

Serving tea is one of my favorite habit.


I am grateful that tea brings us together and happy to watch how tea brought this sweet couple together.

I got so many photos and posted some of them on Picasa Web Albums, please feel free to click here to see more.
Soon, I will share the video as well.

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