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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Voice from guests of Guitian's Tea Club

Tea is changing me.  Really I'm changing me.  Tea is my helper.  Tea
is beginning to slow me down.  Tea is helping me eat healthier.  One
evening after tea class, I lay in bed and there was no pain in my legs
and feet.  None at all.  There is always pain in my legs and feet when
I lie down.  I even found after having tea with my husband--relaxing,
enjoying, I looked over at some clutter and wanted to clean it up.
Way cool!  Thank you tea for being so generous.
- Louise

The tea ceremony and tasting has expanded my experience with and love of teas. I really love the bright "green" taste of Green Teas, which I have been drinking for many years.  Through various tastings I have really expanded the range of teas I like, including Oolongs and Pu-erhs, both raw and cooked.

I find tea has a calmly invigorating effect on me, and seems to help me balance life. I like to sit and savor a tea, or when busy just drink it by the cup. Some teas are warming, some relaxing, some enlivening, and some have awesome multi-layered flavors.
- Reggie

I've really enjoyed the ceremonies. I like the different teas that it exposes me to. Normally I just drink the same old stuff all the time so this adds a refreshing change. Plus, I normally just drink tea at work so it's nice to have it as a relaxing activity and hear different peoples' opinions.

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