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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Private Tea Ceremony

I am so pleased to announce you that there is a tea ceremony just for you.

Firstly, I would like to invite you to my experience of performing tea ceremonies. I tried to explain what my feelings are, but it is something can not be said by words. The sound of pouring tea is one of my favorite enjoyments. ' The Sound Of Pouring Tea', stayed in my heart for a long time. 

Today, I would like to share it with you. I never really went to school to study English, excuse my mistakes if there is any appear to you:  

The Sound of Pouring Tea         

I fall in love with you,
Not because I enjoy drinking you.

I fall in love with you,
Not because I like the sound of rain.

I fall in love with you,
Not because I aid the sound of you.

I fall in love with you,
Because who you really are.

Your sound is the sound of natural.
It draws my attention to appreciation.
It calms down my nerve system.
It cleans my unconsciousness mind.
It fulfills my soul with natural sustenance.

Your sound is the mirror of my heart.
When my heart beat raises, your sound is in a rush.
When my heart is with you and myself, your sound is the sound of the universe.

Your sound is my communication with you, natural and my spirit.
My hand gently bring your speech out, your sound speakers for my soul.
Each of your drop is the gold of
Our conversation in this noble silence.
We follow the rhythm, absorb our energy to compose our music together.

Sometimes, we fight when I burn my fingers or my eyes look away from you.
Other times, we combine to one and complete for each other.

Your sound is the sound of bell in temple, it rings before my meditation.

Your sound is the reflection of my elegance and who I am here and now.

Oh! I fall in love with you, the underneath part of your sound.

Oh! I fall in love with you, the meaning of the sound you actually meant.
Secondly, I would like invite you to be in the poem. A tea ceremony is a poem, we created a different poem at each ceremony.  You, tea and I are the words, phrases, meaning of the poem. 

I am so pleased to announce you that there is a tea ceremony just for you.

High-end Authentic Hand-Crafted refined Chinese teas and delicate suitable tea-wares are carefully selected by the Tea Master Guitian Li, accompanied by soothing classical Chinese music, to deliver the beauty and ritual of tea art is brilliant energy is poured into each cup. Delicious snacks are served. In all, deep into philosophical thoughts and inner peace through the Art of Tea!

Besides, the tea ceremony is a tea education class to learn about tea production, plantation, culture, philosophy, health. It is an experience of the art of Kunfu Tea and the art of imbibing.

Moreover, the tea ceremony relates to etiquette, literature, music, paintings, poems, calligraphy, cuisine, history, language study, meditation. Each ceremony creates a different pattern and energy, relaxation, celebration, friendship, elegance, preparation and tea.

Please click here to find out more information about the private tea ceremony.

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