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Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Way of Serving

A Short Demonstration of Serving Tea

Serving tea is worship for the value of our precious presence. It is a way of giving with full respect, discipline and inner peace.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Great Tea Time in China!

10 years old aged raw puer from 1100-1200 years old wild ancient arbor tea tree.

The package of the 10 years old aged raw puer from 1100-1200 years old wild ancient arbor tea tree - - Rui Gong Tian Chao

The liquor of the 10 years old aged raw puer from 1100-1200 years old wild ancient arbor tea tree

On this trip, I am so lucky to be introduced to Mr. Xiao who owns a wild ancient arbor tea plantation in Yunan. Today, He shared three kinds of tea with me.

We started with 2003 Menghai cooked puer; followed by 2012 sun-dried loose wild raw puer tea. And the last one was a 10 years old aged raw puer from 1100-1200 years old ancient arbor tea tree.

Mr. Xiao used 3 grants of 10 years old aged raw puer, and cooked it. The energy and complexity of the first infusion of tea was super powerful. The Tea Qi started from my forehead, traveled to my eyes, shoulder, hands, upper back. It makes my month water for about half hour. Second infusion was very smooth, gentle and very sweet clean long aftertaste. Third infusion was delicate, more gentle and refreshing.

After that I was so satisfied and stoned!! It was the most impressive tea I have had on this trip so far!

And I am invited to share his only one 1970s Puer and only one 1970s Hunan Dark Tea (Fuzhuan) tomorrow morning. I am not going to sleep. Just can not wait for that!

2012 Loose Raw Puer from 2012 Wild Ancient Arbor Tree

Two Tea Buds were picked from 2700 Years Old Wild Ancient Arbor tree (The oldest tea tree in the world)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Ready for a China Tea Adventure

China Tea Harvest Trip 

Yeah! 4.5 hours away, I will leave to the airport, fly back to China for an exciting tea trip.
A friend of mine who is 6th Generation of making Phoenix Dancong lives on the top of tea mountain invited me to stay with him. Seriously, I really can not wait for that. I have been dreaming that moment for so many years. In addition, my tea professor, who is well known tea master in Dark teas and number 1 Hunan Dark tea master, arranged to visit some great Hunan dark tea plantations, tea factories and meeting tea masters and tea farmers. I am so lucky to have these precious connections.
I am going to be so drunk with the fragrance, flavor and spirit of tea everyday for 20 days.
Meanwhile, enjoy your tea, I will share my tea trip with you here.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Presence Of Tea

All the photos are about Mingwang Hei Cha - The last tea Eric and I filled with peace

I was very delighted to host my friend, Eric to have a private tea ceremony this Tuesday afternoon. 

 The remarkable experience and feelings were incredible. The tranquility of tea was fully engaged our body and mind; the energy of tea was enlightened our soul and spirit. Nothing else but the presence of tea, the purity of tea and the peace of tea.

I was amazed by Eric's deep appreciation and connection with tea. It was very inspiring and meaningful to me. His relationship with tea infused my relationship with him on a different level. 

Thank you, Eric, for your precious presence and your precious presence with tea. The moment of the presence with you and tea only once in our lives. It is truly priceless!

And, thank you for sharing your tea ceremony experience at my club.

I spent an afternoon having a private tea session with my good friend Guitian, also referred to as “Becky.”  We went through some amazing teas, including a Phoenix Wulong newly arrived that was unreal; with a floral aroma next to none and such a strong aftertaste… this Phoenix was amazing.  BUT, we ended the day with a near ecstasy.
  I have wanted to learn more about heicha (dark tea) and was excited when she started to pull out a few.  We had 2 great Fuzhuan teas; sweet and smooth, quality Fuzhuan is a must try!  My heart started to beat fast as she started to tell me about the last one we were going to sip.  It was an exclusive tea that she got from one of her tea masters, a most gracious gift.  It’s called Mingwang Heicha (名望黑茶, 渠江薄片) from Qu Jiang, Anhua, Hunan; translated to “Famous Reputation Dark Tea, Qu River Thin Slices” this tea was also produced not far from Guitian’s home town.  Not knowing what I was doing, I told her not to waste it on me once she told me the estimated price.  Alas, she insisted and I finally gave in. 
I have only been drinking Dark teas for less than a year, and I was praying silently that I could appreciate it. 
I took the normal three sips… silence filled my ears… the music once in the background had vanished.  Three sips, perhaps less than an ounce and I could feel the Qi begin to overtake my body.  We drank on. My mind blurred and my body warmed and tingled.  The head, the neck and the hands were affected the most, but as we drank on, the warmth reached my entire body.  I think it was the 3rd or 4th cup where my eyelids started to feel very heavy.  All my focus was on nothing and nothing was everywhere.  We were both in a state of amazement. It felt as if my soul left my body and moved about 3 feet to the right, or left… wherever it moved it certainly was not within me.  I even became emotional, an effect I have never before experienced from tea. My words slurred and I think, but am not sure, that I was thinking out loud.
Sadly around the, I have no idea which infusion or cup, I had to stop as I would have fallen asleep and missed my bus.  It was an afternoon to remember, all her teas were superb, but that last heicha took me to the Elysian Fields. As I started to leave she offered me a small bit.  I refused; we shall share this experience the next time we sit down for tea with each other.  I am forever indebted to Guitian not only for sharing such amazing tea with me, but more importantly… sharing the experience.
-Eric Glass
The owner of The Fragrant Cup

Private Tea Ceremony

I am so pleased to announce you that there is a tea ceremony just for you.

Firstly, I would like to invite you to my experience of performing tea ceremonies. I tried to explain what my feelings are, but it is something can not be said by words. The sound of pouring tea is one of my favorite enjoyments. ' The Sound Of Pouring Tea', stayed in my heart for a long time. 

Today, I would like to share it with you. I never really went to school to study English, excuse my mistakes if there is any appear to you:  

The Sound of Pouring Tea         

I fall in love with you,
Not because I enjoy drinking you.

I fall in love with you,
Not because I like the sound of rain.

I fall in love with you,
Not because I aid the sound of you.

I fall in love with you,
Because who you really are.

Your sound is the sound of natural.
It draws my attention to appreciation.
It calms down my nerve system.
It cleans my unconsciousness mind.
It fulfills my soul with natural sustenance.

Your sound is the mirror of my heart.
When my heart beat raises, your sound is in a rush.
When my heart is with you and myself, your sound is the sound of the universe.

Your sound is my communication with you, natural and my spirit.
My hand gently bring your speech out, your sound speakers for my soul.
Each of your drop is the gold of
Our conversation in this noble silence.
We follow the rhythm, absorb our energy to compose our music together.

Sometimes, we fight when I burn my fingers or my eyes look away from you.
Other times, we combine to one and complete for each other.

Your sound is the sound of bell in temple, it rings before my meditation.

Your sound is the reflection of my elegance and who I am here and now.

Oh! I fall in love with you, the underneath part of your sound.

Oh! I fall in love with you, the meaning of the sound you actually meant.
Secondly, I would like invite you to be in the poem. A tea ceremony is a poem, we created a different poem at each ceremony.  You, tea and I are the words, phrases, meaning of the poem. 

I am so pleased to announce you that there is a tea ceremony just for you.

High-end Authentic Hand-Crafted refined Chinese teas and delicate suitable tea-wares are carefully selected by the Tea Master Guitian Li, accompanied by soothing classical Chinese music, to deliver the beauty and ritual of tea art is brilliant energy is poured into each cup. Delicious snacks are served. In all, deep into philosophical thoughts and inner peace through the Art of Tea!

Besides, the tea ceremony is a tea education class to learn about tea production, plantation, culture, philosophy, health. It is an experience of the art of Kunfu Tea and the art of imbibing.

Moreover, the tea ceremony relates to etiquette, literature, music, paintings, poems, calligraphy, cuisine, history, language study, meditation. Each ceremony creates a different pattern and energy, relaxation, celebration, friendship, elegance, preparation and tea.

Please click here to find out more information about the private tea ceremony.

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